Renovation 1997

Note: for additional information see the text following the pictures.




Slide01 Aunt Francis with Kristen.

Slide02 Aunt Francis with Peter, Daniel, Rick & Mat.

Slide03 Farm house in 1997, before any work has been done.

Slide04 Farm house 1999, after most of the renovationhas been completed.

Slide05 The porch that we tried to match.

Slide06 Kristen, Tim and Charlie

Slide07 Bob and Scott getting the Schock ready to be launched.

Slide08 Footings were poured by Todd Warner.  The deck is on, and framing started.

Slide09 The old side porch has to be removed.

Slide10 The backdoor has been moved and the farmhouse enclosed against weather.

Slide11 Kitchen has been stripped, reinsulated, replumbed, and rewired.

Slide12 We get started on the inside, insulating and wiring.

Slide13 New openings are made between the New livingroom, TV room and kitchen.

Slide14 Work on the porch has started.

Slide15 A lot of rocks were dug out for the footings.

Slide16 Work starts on the drywall.

Slide17 Both plumbing and gas outlets have to be changed.  Old stove is replaced.

Slide18 Most of the kitchen cabinets have been installed.  Kristen the plumber.

Slide19 New drywall, cabinets, counter, sink, stove, refrigerator and dishwasher.

Slide20 Framing on the porch roof is started.

Slide21 Porch roof is shingled.

Slide22 Attention turns to the inside.  Cleaning up, painting and trim is added.

Slide23 Parlor gets painted and cleaned up.  Trim gets added to the new closet.

Slide24 Downstairs bathroom is completely gutted and redone.

Slide25 Kristen helps in the plumbing again.

Slide26 Downstairs is coming together.

Slide27 Livingroom is almost done except for the trim.

Slide28 Upstairs gets all new drywall.

Slide29 Upstairs gets all new paint and a complete makeover.

Slide30 Porch is finally done.

Slide31 The north wall of the farm house was completely removed and reframed.

Slide32 A new garden was wrapped all the way around the house.

Slide33 The bushes have been planted, the ground leveled and new grass seed.

Slide34 The farmhouse is painted.

Slide35 The farmhouse is painted.

Slide36 The farmhouse is done.

Slide37 I have all the new storm windows in the trailer.

Slide38 Ed and Shirley arrive for the first time.

Slide39 Ed and Shirley on the new porch.

Slide40 The left-over materials are used to build a playhouse.

Slide41 Tim puts the finishing touches on the playhouse.

Slide42 This is a Photoshop mockup (1996) of the farmhouse.

Slide43 This is the floorplan that we used.

Slide44 This is the elevation we used.

Slide45 This was the budget.